Stone veneer is used as a protective and decorative layer, usually around a fireplace or outdoor kitchen. It can also be added to inside or outside walls for a complete stone look. When it comes to stone veneer there is a plethora of variety to choose from.

Resized Stone Work Hero Image


Want to put up stone veneer? Here are some things you’ll need to have in order before you start.

We’llĀ need to know the total surface area of where you’d like to have your stone veneer so we are able to know how much to order. We can either estimate by plans or by coming out to your residence and measuring.

Please have the type of stone you’d like in mind. Here are a few examples.

Eldorado Stone


Putting up stone veneer is very much an art form. It takes a lot of skill and even more practice to master. Our experts have been doing stone work for over 30 years and have a certain knack for it that can be seen upon closer inspection. From the cut of the stone, to the spacing between them. It truly takes a special team to get a stone veneer looking natural. We pride ourselves in being able to offer this service as it lets our experts truly show you their vision and what they’re capable of. When choosing them for your stone veneer work, you’ll have a masterpiece on your fixture forever.