Fireplaces have been around for thousands of years. They are so popular because of the relaxing ambiance they provide, as well as a natural heat source throughout the home. A fireplace can be the centerpiece of your home, or simply a distinct accent piece to a nook, or outdoor patio. No matter where your fireplace is, it is sure to bring any family together.

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Are you ready to add a traditional fireplace to your home? Here are some things to ask yourself before moving forward.

A masonry fireplace is structurally integrated into the home design as an architectural feature. A masonry fireplace will be constructed while your home is being built. It is also possible to add a masonry fireplace during a remodel.  Options include fire brick in various colors and patterns with are installed in individual pieces. A gas log can be added if desired. The fireplace requires venting and a chimney. Decorative chimney caps are available in a wide variety of designs and material and are an important part of the architectural design as well.




Prefabricated, also commonly known as factory-built fireplaces are an available alternative to a masonry fireplace. The price point of a prefabricated fireplace is typically lower than that of a masonry fireplace. A prefabricated fireplace is not a part of your home’s structure; consisting of insulated metal walls and air cooled venting. Firebrick is stamped and somewhat limited in pattern and color.

Gas logs can be added to your fireplace in a wide variety of designs. A decorative chimney cap will add to the finished architectural design of your home.

A chimney cap oftentimes called a crown, or a chase top flashing with the decorative shroud is a very important feature to the overall architectural design of your home. All too often this feature is overlooked.

Our years of experience and knowledge of specific requirements will allow us to assist in suggesting the best color, design, and finish that compliments your home’s style and character.

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Our goal is to help with the design of one of the most important architectural features of your home.  We assist in the design, fabrication, and installation of your chimney cap.  A wide variety of materials and designs are available.