Burning wood is great, but many people are drawn to the allure and convenience of being able to light a fire at the push of a button. This is why gas fireplaces are so popular and exciting! With many different options that will look great in your home, gas fireplaces prove to be the perfect combination of practicality and realism. A gas fireplace can add a touch of modern or can keep a traditional look with a beautiful gas log set. 

Decided that a gas fireplace is for you? Here are some things you should think about before moving forward.


Know which type of fireplace you’d like to install.  When your home is complete, the fireplace is one of the unique features creating ambiance and a place to gather.

*Please note the companies listed below are simply a representation of our dealers and do not account for all, or whom we have the ability to obtain product from.

As a company that works with gas fireplaces on a daily basis, we see many different types of requests, all with their own unique specifications and needs. Being a supplier of gas fireplaces, we are not limited to the companies you see here. If you have a special request from a company you love we will work with you to bring that product to your home.

With every gas fireplace we install, we aim to provide you with a properly functioning, but more importantly a SAFE product that you can rely on. This is why we follow national and local building codes to their exact standards. You and your families safety have always been, and will always be our number one priority.



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